Esther fled violence…

New hope from breaking point…

Like many asylum seekers living in Australia, Esther had limited income and no right to work. She was also suffering with her mental health from trauma in her past and the challenges she was facing now. We shared her journey. This is her story.

Esther left Iran to seek safety from a country and culture where women are still denied fundamental rights and social injustice is a major problem. Women are not able to leave the country without permission and domestic violence is common. Esther fled to seek safety away from a socio-political environment that is oppressive for women, with little or no respect for social justice and human rights.

Facing mental health challenges alone…

Esther struggled to find reliable places to live and would have to go for days without necessary medications. A caring member of the local community (someone just like you) referred her to us. We’re thankful they did. She was desperately in need of support. Esther was at high risk of suicide, and struggling to find food and shelter. Her mind was haunted by trauma from her life in Iran and she needed support to keep fighting for her right to live in safety.

Support, hope and strength to keep going…

Seeking asylum is complicated and challenging.  Esther was facing the real challenges of dealing with the trauma she experienced, but she was also feeling isolated and struggling to get accommodation, medicine and food. Because of the donations from caring people like you, we were able to help her find the strength to keep going.

Our specialist case coordinators supported Esther to overcome her most urgent challenges. We provided her with safe options for accommodation and healthy food. We also connected her with counselling experts for the help she needed to start the emotional journey to recovery.

Esther continues to be involved with our community events, group activities and information sessions. Sharing her experiences, learnings and culture with other people seeking asylum. Her smile speaks volumes about the changes in her life. She has new hope for her future.

Do what you can. Give what you can.

Everyone has the right to feel safe, supported and welcome in the community. Become a Romero Hero by donating today to help the specialists at the Romero Centre provide much needed support. Show you welcome the children, families and individuals seeking asylum in Australia. The journey of an asylum seeker is complicated and challenging but a simple act from you can help make it easier. Make a donation or organise to fundraise for us today. We need you.

Names changed and stock photography used to respect and protect privacy.
Do what you can for asylum seekers living in Brisbane who deserve support and welcome

A small act from you can make a big impact on the lives of people seeking asylum.

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