Our Approach

To assist, support and connect

The Romero Centre provides individualised, culturally sensitive and responsive case coordination services for people seeking asylum. Our approach provides children, families and people who are seeking asylum with access to the right mix of support and expertise.

By providing welcoming and inclusive services we aim to restore a sense of dignity and independence for people seeking asylum who are living in South East Queensland.

Our services are provided within a cross-cultural framework with a commitment to human rights and the principles of social justice. The work of Oscar Romero is our inspiration as we support and give a ‘voice to the voiceless’.

Individualised Case Coordination

Our case coordination service is individualised and includes cross-cultural assessment, planning and advocacy. We meet with people individually to connect them with the right services for their needs. This approach provides holistic support for each person/family seeking asylum.

We are proud to collaborate with a wide range of local organisations and community groups.  Our services are confidential and provided at no cost.

You can contact us via email or directly on (07) 3013 0100.

Social Connections

The Romero Centre runs a number of in-house programs to enhance social connection and wellbeing. These opportunities create new friendships and grow new skills in a culturally safe and supportive environment.

The social connection programs are delivered in collaboration with volunteers and community groups and can be accessed through referral or by contacting us directly.

Our social connection programs include:

  • Sewing groups
  • English language classes
  • Multicultural Men’s Group
  • Art and craft group
  • Computer and internet access

All activities are provided in a welcoming and friendly manner.

Support people facing the complicated challenges of seeking asylum.

The Romero Centre is one of the ways that Mercy Community Services is helping build a world where people, families and communities are strong in spirit, healthy and connected. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.